Patterson Companies is a Limited Liability Company with both commercial and residential lease property holdings throughout York County.

Our industry appropriate commercial lease space is tailored to meet the needs of each individual tenant. Residential rentals are in locations, and include features, that make coming "home" a pleasure. We’re big enough to have a large selection of lease space to choose from, yet still make sure that we maintain a personal relationship with all of our tenants – you’ll deal with the same person from the beginning of the process through the end of your tenancy.

Patterson Companies purchases from, or partners with, land owners in the development of residential and commercial subdivisions to maximize their return on investment.

Patterson Companies is adding quality commercial and residential property as it comes available. Please be sure to bookmark our site and check back for listing changes. You can also follow Patterson Companies on Facebook or Twitter for quick updates!

For More Information Please Call (207)324-5574 Extension 120